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Our History

Harbert D. Hooker

In 1939, the Springdale Church of Christ, with assistance from other area congregations, launched a Twenty-month Evangelistic Campaign throughout Northwest Arkansas. Harbert D. Hooker, who had been working with the Center & Locust congregation in Fayetteville, was secured to serve as the evangelist, A new panel truck was purchased, along with a new tent, songbooks and folding chairs. The panel truck was equipped with two batteries which doubled as the power plant for an ingenious system of portable lights. The campaign began with a one-month tent meeting in Springdale, starting on October 1, 1939. A number of area congregations were established as a result this effort, including Gravette, Lowell, Tuttle, Evergreen, Mayfield (which merged with Evergreen after about a year), St. Paul, Siloam Springs, Washburn, and Winslow.

In October 1940, Harbert Hooker came to Winslow to conduct a 2-week Gospel Meeting, as a result of which, the Winslow congregation was established. James L. Neal, one of the Springdale Elders who also did some of the preaching for the new church wrote: “The church first met to keep house for the Lord in an old store building (in Winslow).”

The store building initially used was known locally as “Mr. Wright’s” building. The congregation met here until moving to the west side of town in the “Kelton Building”. There was no electricity, inside plumbing or any of the conveniences we take for granted today. This building was later used by Leonard and Mildred Preston for a business, and eventually became known as the Hugh Smith grocery. The Springdale congregation donated the first hymn books for the Winslow church and provided some seats for the new congregation. The seats were only rough board but were greatly appreciated.

In 1946 the church relocated to a concrete block building erected on Highway 71. Through Leonard Preston, the church in Springdale loaned the Winslow brethren $1000, and Howard and Winston Thomas built the structure.

Widening of the highway eventually made it necessary to relocate the meeting place. The land was bought and the present building was constructed and the first service was held there on September 7, 1958.

Dean Parrish was the preacher when the new building was constructed. He preached from 1955-1959. The next preachers were, Jim Holliman and Don England. Dean Parrish returned and preached from 1962-1965. A South wing was added during this time for additional classrooms.

Dean Parrish

Dean Parrish was the preacher when the new building was constructed. He preached from 1955-1959.

Don England

The next preachers were, Jim Holliman and Don EnglandDean Parrish returned and preached from 1962-1965. A South wing was added during this time for additional classrooms.

John R. Dockery

John R. Dockery preached for the church for the next 9 years from January 1966-December 1974. During these years a North wing was added for more classrooms. Central heating/air was installed, a baptistry was added, and a nursery classroom constructed.

Tommy Glenn

Tommy J. Glenn, the first full-time minister was hired in March 1975 and he continued until February 1977.

Dee Hobbs

Dee Hobbs preached from March 1977-July 1981.

Larry Couch preached from April 1982-November 1983. Dean Parrish returned as their minister December 1983-December 1987. John R. Dockery returned January 1988 as Pulpit minister and Larry Bynum was hired as the youth minister. John R. served as pulpit minister until October 1997 after which Jared Dockery was hired as pulpit minister and continued until December 1998, while John R. Dockery was retained as associate minister.

Nathan Howard

Nathan Howard and Andy McClish followed one another in the 1999-2000 period and Ron Parsley began preaching in 2001 and continued until April 2015.

Ron Parsley

Among early leaders of the church were: Charley Cagle, Billy Joe Kilpatrick, Melton Mills, Robert Preston, W. O. Preston, Hancel Preston, Fay Reed, and Charley Robinson.

In January 1990 the congregation chose Ron Ramey and John Reed to serve as elders of the congregation. Gerald Benjamin and Steve White were selected to serve as deacons. In April 1997, Gerald Benjamin was chosen and ordained as an elder. Early in 1992, a new all-purpose/fellowship room was constructed on the North side of the building. Those who preached for shorter periods in the early years or on a rotation basis in more recent times include James L. Neal, Leonard Preston, George Parrish, Loyd Dockery, George

Dockery, Guy Cosand, Harold Bradley, James Ramey, Glenn Steward, Jack Reynolds, H.D. Hubbard,  Max Harness, Charles Smith, Norman Gann, Jeff Thomas, and Brandon Rogers. In April of 2015, Bobby Dockery began preaching for the congregation two Sundays twice a month and on Sunday evenings. Beginning April 10, 2016, he began preaching each Sunday.

Taylor Davis, Tommy McClure, Harbert D. Hooker, Tommy Kelton, and others conducted the early Gospel meetings. A host of other preachers and teachers have contributed to the growth of the congregation as it is today.

Based on material provided by John R. Dockery, James L. Neal, Hancel & Jessie Preston, Fay Reed, Ronny Ramey and B. Dockery.